If Masterchef Australia has tickled your fancy and inspired you to try out some new things in the kitchen, then try out these fantastic Masterchef related products to help kick-start your kitchen ambitions.


1. Masterchef Magazine: Your recipe for success. Learn new recipes and techniques to help you cook like a pro!


2. Two Asian Kitchens by Adam Liaw: Adam Liaw, winner of the 2010 Masterchef Australia competition. A fantastic book to own if you are interested in Asian cooking. This book shows you how to make a range of pantry staples, before giving you the recipes for some classic and more modern asian dishes.


3. Our Family Table by Julie Goodwin: Julie Goodwin, winner of the original Masterchef Australia competition. Goodwin’s book features recipes from the heart alongside little personal touches and anecdotes, not to mention the pages at the back where one can write one’s own personal recipes and notes.


4. Chef’s Knives: One of the most basic pieces of kitchen equipment to have, a good chef’s knife. A good knife will allow you to perform more than 80 percent of all cutting and slicing chores on it’s own.


5. Set of Pans: Another basic kitchen requirement, a set of good saucepans. At the very least you will need a small pan for stocks, vegetables and soups; a larger pan in case you need to cook larger quantities; a frying pan for sauteeing and more.


6. Kitchen First Aid Kit: Accidents will happen so it is a good idea to have a first aid kit on hand to sort out any minor mishaps quickly and easily.


7. Meat Thermometer: For ensuring your meat cooks at the correct temperature and is cooked just the way you want it.


8. Measuring Jug: Another kitchen basic. Measuring jugs are cheap but really useful. Not only can they by used for measuring liquids such as water, milk and stock, they can also be used as a mixing bowl.


9. Pressure Cooker: Pressure cookers help save time, money and hassle.


10. Tagine: A tagine is essential if you want to cook and explore Moroccan dishes. The pointed lid of the tagine allows steam to circulate inside.

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