Rainy day fashionDon’t let rainy days dampen your style – when it’s pouring outside, you can still wear stylish clothes to help brighten even the most dreary of days.


Wellington boots can add a splash of colour and fun to any outfit whilst also keeping your toes warm and dry. Wellies come in such a large range of styles, colours and patterns that there will always be a pair to match your outfit – from a classic green welly right through to bright flowers.


Umbrellas can also reflect your personality and style. Keep a compact umbrella in your handbag and larger ones at home. Again, umbrellas come in such a large range of styles, colours and patterns that you can buy several to ensure you will always have one to match your outfit.


Even if you prefer to dress in more conservative colours and styles, gloves and scarves are a great way to inject a little bit of colour into your everyday life. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even crochet or knit your own (check out Ravelry for a massive database of both free and paid-for knitting and crochet patterns).


Waterproof tote bags are a great accessory for winter as they keep all your essentials clean and dry – and are the perfect place to store that compact umbrella mentioned above!

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